Release Notes

intel-db - 2.0.1


  1. Introduction
  2. Product Media & Documentation
  3. New Functionality
  4. Enhancements
  5. Resolved Issues
  6. Known Issues


This document contains information pertinent to this release of the NoSpaceships Ltd IntelDB product (IntelDB).

This document is aimed at product administrators.

Product Media & Documentation

The following files make up this release (where <version> is the version of this release):

  • intel-db-server-<version>-linux-amd64.bin - The product installer
  • intel-db-<version>-admin-guide.pdf - Documentation for product administrators
  • intel-db-<version>-install-guide.pdf - Installation and upgrade documentation
  • intel-db-<version>-release-notes.pdf - This document
  • intel-db-<version>-user-guide.pdf - Product Web User Interface (WebUI) documentation for all users

The documentation listed above can be accessed in HTML form using the Help link displayed in the WebUI once authenticated.

New Functionality

ID Version Description
5 2.0.0 Configure password complexity regular expression
6 2.0.0 Signature management with YARA and plain text support


ID Version Description
1 2.0.0 Review default indicator types as per feedback
3 2.0.0 Identify Perl as a pre-requisite to run the Linux installer
4 2.0.0 Require current password when a user changes their own password
18 2.0.0 Require current password when a user changes their own API key
14 2.0.1 DevOps Networks Ltd company renamed to NoSpaceships Ltd

Resolved Issues

Currently there are no resolved issues

Known Issues

Currently there are no known issues